January 2020

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Managed Print Services – A Money Saver for your Business?

Those looking to streamline their businesses had best be aware of the impact Managed Printing Services (or MPS) has on cashflow. By shaving the excess off your printing costs you can provide a sleeker, most cost-effective printing solution to your busines.s Sound good? We thought so… so find out how Join-IT can save your business money


What Is Managed Printing?

Managed Printing is exactly what it says it is: a way to manage all the printing put forth by your business. Why do this? Printing costs for a single firm can be astronomical. From flyers and brochures to PDFs, office printouts, and posters – all of it adds up.

How bad a problem is it? One report from Staples (the office supplier) records that the average office worker goes through 45 sheets of paper every work day. Alarmingly, more than half of it ends up trashed. With the current cost of paper anything from £2.49 up to £20 per few hundred sheets, you can see how this adds up.

It isn’t just paper, either. What about printer ink/toner? A single, budget cartridge for a home-style printer costs about the £10 mark. For an office capacity printer those cartridge costs shoot skywards. Additionally, both colour and black and white cartridges are needed in an office environment.

Managed Printing Covers More Than Just Paper and Ink

Managed Printing extends to different areas of your business such as;


Further to the above costs, there is the production of company literature to be considered. If you go through a brand name change, or if you are freshly establishing a new company, the cost of having your logo emblazoned on letterheads, having leaflets about your services printed, and other such informative materials can be just as high.

These company brochures, leaflets, and business cards are hard to price because they fall loosely under the umbrella term of ‘marketing’. This mis-allocation means you don’t always remember factor their cost in to your annual or monthly printing allowance. This doesn’t mean you are saving money, just that the money spent is by a different department.

The average marketing budget is anything from 2% of the sales of your business, upwards. So it is hard to determine how much this one area of your business is costing you.


None of the printers, scanners, or fax machines in your office will come without problems. If you have your own IT department this might not feel like a cost; but consider how many hours your staff spend fixing things. These hours could be better spent in the process of making your business money. In addition, the amount spent on replacement parts must be mulled over.

If you happen to run a small business and want to save money on printing, you probably don’t have your own IT department to fall back on. In this instance you must call in the specialist. Printer repairs cost an average of £70 – just for a call out. Add in your parts and service charges, plus VAT, then divide by the number of stars orbiting Venus: you can start to see how your printer budget can be blown in one visit.

Managed Printing Services Save You Money

Managed Printing Services from Join-IT will save you money and you can take that to the proverbial bank. How does it work? By providing high-end IT management for your firm, we can amalgamate your printing costs into one manageable bundle. We offer managed Printing Services as one of our exemplary three spheres of integrated office solutions.

How do we save your business money using MPS? Some of the ways it works include:

  • Increased Printing Productivity – print only what you need to, instead of throwing most of it in the trash can. This benefit of MPS from Join-IT allows you to reduce waste, too.
  • Be more Eco-Friendly – less waste means both less costs and less damage to the environment – everyone wins!
  • Data-Driven Measurements – analytical printing data will let you see how much is being wasted, and where.
  • Remote Printer Management – will chop away those call out costs and save you on parts and labour.
  • On-Call Engineers – our on-call engineers can be with you in a matter of hours, should something go wrong.
  • Improved Hardware Shelf Life – with better longevity and durability, your hardware will perform better over time.

Moreover, when you come to Join-IT for your MPS solution we will provide you with a full print audit. This audit will take into account all aspects of printing costs throughout your business. This allows you to streamline the areas of expenditure at-a-glance, boosting productivity by shaving costs of your annual printing allowance.

With better transparency, more actionable data at your fingertips, and a firm able to manage all of it remotely in your corner – your printing costs should shortly shrink. We have been known to save our clients an average of between 30-35% on their annual printing costs. The bigger your business; the more money you will save when you switch to Join-IT. We really do have corporate IT solutions for any occasion.

Rounding Up

Streamlining your companies printing facilities is always a good idea, Unfortunately, the bigger you grow, the more you accumulate printers… and the bigger they grow along with you. Before you know it, looking after your own printing costs is a full-time job all in itself… and you are left constantly chasing your tail, usually with equipment nobody ever thought to replace.

Avoid all of this, bring your business to Join-IT, allow us to manage your printing services, and never look back. Life’s easier when you use a managed service provider, but it’s positively rosy when you choose Join-IT.

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