July 2019

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Managed IT Service Trends That Could Have An Impact Your Business

Managed IT services are at the leading edge of today’s business world and they have effectively changed the way many small to medium and enterprise level business owners grow and become successful. Business owners who take advantage of managed IT services are seeing increased employee productivity and reduced costs as a result. By creating a more secure and effective network, managed IT service providers are impacting businesses throughout the UK and around the world.

There are some trending managed IT services that can have a dramatic impact on your business enabling you to focus more on your daily operations while leaving the technical aspects to the pros. If you are considering choosing a managed IT services provider, keep reading to see how they can affect your business today:

5 Managed IT Services That Could Positively Affect Your Business

Hybrid Cloud- hybrid cloud services are the next level in cloud-based business services and they offer business users more than an efficient way to store and access their data. Hybrid cloud services offer a personalised cloud experience that can be custom tailored to the user’s needs.

Niche Managed IT Services- most managed IT service providers offer custom tailored packages designed to meet the needs of small to medium businesses in a wide range of niches. The ‘one size fits all’ IT services are a thing of the past and the focus is now on the business owner and providing real world IT solutions.

Multi-Cloud Managed Services- many business users are finding it easier to use more than one cloud service so they can take advantage of the specific features that might be different from service to service. Every cloud service offers something different and if it suits your needs to use Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Google Cloud and IBM Cloud, there are no rules against it.

Data Security- with the recent increase in cyber-crimes and hackers stealing personal and financial information of your customers, data security has become a hot topic. Government directives and industry regulations can only do so much. Then it is up to an experienced managed IT service provider to help your business protect important data.

Bundled IT Services- by bundling your managed IT services, not only do you get the exact services you need, when you need them, but you can save a lot of money in the process.

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