June 2019

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What Is Managed Printing And Why Your Business Needs It

Printing is a time consuming, expensive and sometimes irritating aspect of any business. Even in today’s technologically advanced world, we still find ourselves attached to an oversized printer located somewhere in a dark corner of the office or warehouse. And speaking of that printer, the one that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, it is usually an older model that prints partial pages, leaves ink smudges and just doesn’t seem functional at all some days.

Aside from spending thousands on a new, state of the art printer, training employees how to use it and then crossing your fingers that the new printer actually works better than the old one, there hasn’t been much of a solution to reliable business printing. That is, until now.

Managed printing is the latest trend in business printing and it is changing the way today’s small to medium and enterprise level businesses control their printing needs. What is managed printing? Let’s take a look:

What Is Managed Printing?

Managed printing services help save businesses time and money and provides a solution to all of their business printing needs. Managed printing can increase the productivity of your business and can reduce the amount of wasted prints that are costing you money. Studies show that wasted prints, which can include personal printing projects done by your staff, cost UK businesses millions in controllable costs every year.

Why Your Business Needs Managed Printing

By using a managed printing service, you get rules-based printing and follow-me printing solutions which ensure that your office printing needs are met and that every print is professional grade quality. Using some of the industry’s most advanced printers, managed printing services can create higher quality prints while saving your business between 30-35% on average in printing costs. If your business prints more than 100 pages per day, that can really add up fast!

With managed printing, there is no more down time due to a broken printer, no printer repair bills and no printer cartridge costs. Equipment, consumables and expert printing professionals are included.

Normal printing methods are expensive, they lack support and you often have to deal with a printer that is older or that has some operational issues. Managed printing provides a solution to your office printing needs without costing a fortune and provides the support you need, when you need it.

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