Managed Print Service

Managing your office printers and
consumables costs just got easier!

Have you been contemplating lately how to save your business money, resources and especially the stress of having to manage printers? A managed print solution from Join-IT is just what you need, and we will guarantee you’ll save money.

Boost your printing productivity almost instantly with Join-IT’s bespoke managed printing solutions and exercise more control over what needs printing and reduce unnecessarily wasted prints and consumables.

That’s not all – Join-IT also helps you gain vastly improved control and visibility over your office printing. We do this by overseeing everything from remote printer management to improving and upgrading overall hardware to ensuring you’re never low on ink or toner.

The end result?

• Noticeably lower printing costs
• Consumables delivered to your office before you need them
• Improved hardware life
• A trained engineer site visit for regular maintenance
• End user printing support
• A brand-new printer every 3 years

Our managed print solutions not only help you save up to 30-35% on printing costs but also incorporate the latest data-driven tools – this helps you cut down overall costs and downtime. And, when demand rises for consumables like cartridge and toner replacements, we’ll quickly deploy our friendly engineers to keep your productivity chain uninterrupted.

Whether you’re a small company with just one office printer or a school or, perhaps, a multi-site business with several printers across multiple sites – our flexible and financially sound remote managed print solutions can be customised to your exact needs, rather than a “one size fits all”. Pay for only the remote printing services you need!

Managed Printing vs. Traditional Printing

Not sure if a managed printing solution is right for you? Consider the following:

Normal printing has a very high cost per copy – If you divide the cartridge cost by the yield of the cartridge, you’ll find that, on average, you’ll be spending over 10p per coloured page and 5p per mono page.

Normal printing does not have adequate support (when you really need it) – If things go wrong, and they often do, you’re on your own! This could mean several hours of wasted productivity trying to source the right parts and then finding a qualified engineer to fit them.

With managed printing, on the other hand, your average cost per page comes down to 5p per coloured page and 0.5p per mono page! In addition, we constantly monitor, manage and optimise your print output by identifying problems before they even occur, saving you plenty of time and resources.

Our managed printing solutions are tailored around your needs, so you only pay for the solutions you need, all on your terms.


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