March 19th 2019

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How We’ve Helped Clients Save at least 30% in Printing Costs

When we talk about the maintenance, purchase and care of in-house office printers, it’s difficult to ignore all the challenges that come with it – such as keeping track of exactly what volume of supplies need to be used to keep things running smoothly.

Many businesses today, big and small, are hiring the services of a managed print provider to not just help things run smoothly and boost overall productivity but also cut costs by at least 30% or more.

What is Managed Printing?

Managed printing services or MPS is a way of centralising control and management of printing documents, including output and materials management so as to optimise business processes related to printing.

Printing management involves several key areas including the use of software to better manage print volume and authentication for users, scan routing and design software, device management and of course, utilising only as many printing supplies like toners, cartridges and papers as needed.

For a fact, a large part of the savings companies enjoy through managed print services is through the conversion of certain manual/physical process such as paper documents and converting them into digital files so that convenient distribution and archiving can be had.

How We Help Businesses Save 30% or More of Their Costs

On average, the typical office person spends just over £550 on office printing annually. And when you multiply this by the total number of employees in your company, total costs adds up pretty quickly.

Without managed print services, we can help you recoup at least 30% of these printing costs, perhaps more in some cases.

How exactly are we able to save businesses these costs through our bespoke MPS solutions? Consider the following:

  • Wasted Paper Reduction

There have been studies which clearly indicate that nearly 50% of office printing paper almost always goes to waste. By using MPS, we can straight away help you eliminate paper waste and encourage employees to print only if and when needed.


  • Fewer Printers and Supplies

Instead of having multiple printers for every department within your company and not to mention separate maintenance costs for each – our centralised printing service offers everything you need in one location.

This means fewer printers and therefore fewer supplies – at the end of the day, you’re effectively lowering operating and maintenance costs, as well as benefiting from substantial savings on toner, ink and other printing consumables.


  • ‘IT Time’ Savings

On average, IT managers make over £91,000 each year so you can well imagine that their time is quite precious. Unfortunately, too much of this time is often spent attempting to troubleshoot printing issues. We can eliminate this completely – time and resources which would otherwise be spent trying to service network printers.


  • Improved Workflow Managementent

Centralised paper management makes your workflow efficient at all times. Staff members adhere to established protocols, which means printing documents are specified in a controlled manner.

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