October 2019

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ISDN and PSTN to be defunct – Here’s how you can prepare for 2025

BT, the largest telecommunications provider in the UK, has announced that they will be completely switching off their traditional ISDN and PSTN network by the year 2025. This means that all businesses will be required to resort to a single IP network such as a leased line.

If you’re still conducting the majority of your business communication over conventional ISDN or PSTN lines, then you should understand what the switch over to a leased line might mean for your business.

Why is BT Switching off Traditional Communication Lines?

Since BT introduced the nationwide ISDN network in 1986, it has indeed come a long way. However, in recent years, advances in new Ethernet products and ultra-fast fibre internet has forced BT to think otherwise.

In fact, they have not installed any new ISDN networks in London since 2014. In addition, many businesses have migrated to leased lines since then.

Still, BT has allowed businesses up till 2025 to make the switch, because switching over more than 3 million active users is not going to be an easy feat.

What is a Leased Line?

As data demands continue to rise rapidly, businesses now require a much faster and more secure connection to not just offer super-quick services and turnaround times to customers but also keep themselves more competitive.

With a dedicated leased line, you essentially have a fibre optic cable that runs directly to the local exchange from your business premises. This cable is vastly superior to ISDN and PSTN networks as it can deliver data at blinding speeds – something that traditional telecommunication networks simply cannot offer.


Immediate Benefits of using a Leased Line

Consistency, scalability and cost-saving 

With technology rapidly gaining ground, more and more UK businesses are now relying on a high-speed internet connection for their data needs. Small-to-medium firms in particular are expected to respond to customers in a timely manner, which means storing and transferring massive amounts of data within seconds, and without any interruptions whatsoever.

With a dedicated leased line, you no longer have to share your bandwidth or connectivity with others. If you’re connection offers a 100 megabytes down / 100 up bandwidth, then you get to use all that yourself.

Furthermore, with a leased line, you can scale connectivity up or down according to the demands of your business – which means you only pay for connectivity that you can effectively utilise each day.

And, with scalability comes cost-saving benefits as well. The added advantage and ability to scale connectivity according to your business requirements means you are achieving the best cost-efficiency all year round.


Better customer satisfaction

A super-fast leased line ensures that you can deliver services to customers according to the promised timeline. Delays and downtime can be very risky in this digital age, especially when customers are expecting to be served in an instant.

Leased lines also offer the ability to remotely access customer data, allowing your staff to access it from anywhere, and that too with the highest security protocols.

Stay competitive and better serve your customers through a dedicated leased line. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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