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Leading Business VOIP Systems From Join-IT

Leading Business VOIP Systems From Join-IT

In today’s digital business landscape, the right business phone is a must. Unless your business communications are streamlined and scaled according to your business demands, you’re essentially putting a severe cap on your productivity and turnover.

Join-IT offers quality hosted VOIP solutions to future proof your business, making your communications more secure, scalable, reliable and cost-effective than a traditional office landline. Furthermore, we have a broad range of business VOIP systems to meet your business needs, all of which offer a high degree of flexibility and mobility.


A dedicated VOIP phone system at your fingertips means that your IT team can be much more focused on key agendas – especially when you have Join-IT’s dedicated local administrators configuring and managing each VOIP system according to your day-to-day business requirements.

With a quality hosted VOIP system, your business’s communications are future-proofed, with endless customisation options to suit a variety of business circumstances. Working with Join-IT as your business VOIP system means:

Access to the latest hosted VOIP system upgrades, newly released features and optional integrations

Multi-site deployment through a single cost-effect business phone system integrated in your company directory and CRM

The most reliable hosted VOIP network, scalable according to ongoing and future business needs

Cost-savings and inter-operability improvement between business mobile phones and fixed lines, along with the most competitive on-net rates over the hosted VOIP network

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