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Print management for SMEs is often considered an afterthought, with the practices for handling print solutions, maintenance, security, updates, and continuity frequently disregarded by business leaders as non-essential or overly costly. The responsibility for managing printing needs is usually assigned to an employee who may have minimal experience in print management, in addition to other duties, leading to inefficient print operations. Without up-to-date strategies for print solutions management, your workforce could face disruptions and inefficiencies.

At Join Print Solutions, our Managed Print Services offer various levels of support tailored to your business needs and budget. Whether you opt for on-demand assistance or a comprehensive, around-the-clock managed service including monitoring, preventative upkeep, and security, all our service levels are structured around our four fundamental principles. These principles aim to shield against the common print-related challenges faced by SMEs. Together with our commitment to excellence, we provide a service that transforms the typical frustrations associated with print management into opportunities for growth and success for our clients.


1. FULLY MANAGED: Our most comprehensive offering, providing unlimited remote and on-site support 24x7x365 for your entire print environment. This includes managing all printers, supplies, maintenance, and security aspects. Discover more about our Fully Managed print solutions

2. CO-MANAGED: Ideal for businesses with an in-house print management team that could use additional support. We offer extra resources and outsourced print services to enhance your organization’s capabilities. Learn more about our Co-managed services.

3. MANAGED PRINT SECURITY: Our specialized team oversees your print security, continuously monitoring and assessing for vulnerabilities. We proactively manage your print devices to ensure they adhere to the highest security standards. Find out more about our Managed Print Security services..

4. AD HOC: Flexible support tailored to your needs, available when you need it most. This pay-as-you-go service is perfect for addressing immediate and specific print challenges. Discover more about our Ad Hoc support options.




DISCOVER: To kick things off, every new client undergoes a thorough review where we delve into your current print environment, workflows, and challenges. This initial step is designed to give you a clear understanding of the path ahead and introduce you to our foundational strategies while allowing our team to become acquainted with you, your staff, and your specific printing needs.


INTEGRATE: Following the discovery phase, we integrate you into our print management framework and tailor everything to your specific requirements. This phase involves setting up all necessary monitoring and proactive measures that oversee your print infrastructure, along with testing any backup and disaster recovery plans pertinent to your printing operations.


MANAGE: Regular support kicks in from this point. Our team actively monitors all your print systems and aids in enhancing your operations through efficient and well-managed print solutions. We maintain regular contact, providing updates and insights on your print system’s performance, and our dedicated staff is always ready to help you navigate new printing opportunities and solutions.


When you hear “Print Management and Managed Services,” if you imagine waiting endlessly on the phone, empty promises of callbacks, feeling overcharged and bewildered, or uncertain about the benefits of your investment… then it’s time for a new perspective.

At Join-IT, we’re transforming these old frustrations associated with print management into positive experiences for today’s companies. Our team is committed, clear in communication, transparent, and fully invested in understanding your business’s unique needs. Consider us your in-house print management team, but externalized, adaptable to scale with your demands.

We enter a scenario only to leave having alleviated your stress and expenses while adding real value. Whether it’s enhancing your communication flow, refining your operational efficiency, or securing your sensitive documents, we constantly assess your organization from behind the scenes, always with an eye toward betterment.

This means three key outcomes: one, peace of mind knowing your printing needs are smoothly handled; two, the implementation of a scalable strategy for ongoing improvement; and three, assured security and oversight, maintaining complete visibility and command as a company.

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